Security Analysis – The Classic 1934 Edition

by Ashik Shah on 1 October 1992

Security Analysis: The Classic 1934 Edition is the definitive guide and original source on Value Investing.

Written shortly after the 1929 crash, this book contains the original explanations of Benjamin Graham who was a practitioner and teacher.  He lost a great deal of money in the crash and his quest for a more conservative way to manage capital resulted in the insights which gave us this classic and the foundations for value investing.

Giving examples from those days, Graham and his student David Dodd, show how to practically apply this investment approach.

Benjamin Graham personally taught and inspired many a value investor, and, through his clear writings, has instructed a great many more.

This book is a careful reproduction of the original 1934 edition.  There have in total been 6 editions of this classic text.  For a review of the most recent edition, please click here.

Anyone with patience and an interest in developing a framework for investing in listed securities should read this.  Anyone without, should consider another occupation.

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