About Ashik Shah & Co.

Ashik Shah & Co. is an investment advisory business dedicated to value investment, an investment style which has been applied by arguably the world’s greatest investor, Warren Buffett, and many more. It has been applied, in many different ways, to preserve and grow the capital of families.

With over three decades in the investment business as a value investor in the USA, India, the UK and now globally, the experience of directors Ashik, Neal and Raj Shah has enabled them to spend time with some of the leading investors around the world, to learn from their experience and to gain from their insights.

Their own research over the years has enabled them to find investment opportunities in developed, emerging and frontier markets which are often contrarian, distinct from the commonly held view of the crowd.

Applying the principles of value investment, valuing and analysing shares as a piece of a business, helps to avoid speculative excesses and invest in a conservative and disciplined manner to preserve and grow capital.