A Gift to My Children: A Father’s Lessons for Life and Investing

by Ashik Shah on 22 June 2009

Jim Rogers is a renowned investor, who made a fortune before the age of forty, enabling him to “retire.” He has travelled the world extensively to some exotic places and founds ways to invest there. His bestselling books include: A Bull in China, Hot Commodities and Adventure Capitalist.

Written as a guide for his two daughters, in A Gift to My Children Jim Rogers offers worldly advice for life and investment. This book offers as much on life in general as it does on investment. Among the pearls of wisdom Jim Rogers imparts, he advises his daughters (and us) to learn to “think”, to learn history, to see the world and to focus on what you like.

I have found inspiration and smiled and the care with which this direct and confident writer and investor has laid out advice which could enable anyone at any stage of life become an independent thinker and bring success to their endeavours. However, the earlier this is imbibed the better.

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